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Mar 1, 2005 8:23 AM by Discussion: Beta
I emailed you a few days ago Brad, but just in case...

my widget library - http://tiggz.wincustomize.com/gallery.aspx?SID=4234&libid=34&view=1&sortby=4&sortdir=desc&p=1&advanced=0&UID=695407

it would be great to have a copy of the beta,

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a preview

Oct 30, 2004 12:01 PM by Discussion: WindowBlinds
Well in the spirit of experimentation I decided to test out this article making facility. As I am currrently engaged, amongst other things, in creating GT3 I thought I would offer some previews of the skin suite which will (approximately) mark my 1 year skinning anniversary. :CONGRAT:

So, without further ado, being a skinner not a writer, here are some samples of what is to come in the not too distant future...

the start menu - trying to stay reasonably close to the layout of GT2, but with extra sex appeal... :SURPRISED:

shellstyle images - these are perhaps the most significant departure from GT2 in some ways

the downloading progress animation - shown in context with the normal and light substyles ('light' here is a relative term)

a shot showing toolbar icons, custom throbber, and general windowiness - warning, it's quite a dark skin :LOL:

well now, what's this?

I haven't really started into the peripheral skins yet, but here is a sample of a prospective rainy candidate

a weeny preview of a GT3 logon

Well, that's more or less the state of play atm. The windowblind is 99% complete, just undergoing final testing and addition of a special feature that should be quite fun :) I hope to do a few other skins and dx objects to accompany the suite, although I'm not sure it will be as comprehensive as GT2 in that regard. Time, as ever, will tell.
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Oct 1, 2004 1:18 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
I was rating a skin via my new homepage, which if I had gone thru the normal channels I would have given a 9 to. However, as there are only 5 stars in all, and it wasn't quite a perfect 10, I decided to click on the 4 star rating. Later on I was checking out the same skin, but this time via the normal WC library and I saw that I had apparently rated it a 7, which was certainly not indicative of my opinion.

So I decided to go thru all the stars and see what each one translated as:
5 stars=10
4 stars=7
3 stars=5
2 stars=3
1 star=1

it seems, if I use the star sytem to rate, I can either rate something that's pretty-darn-good-but-not-quite-perfect a 10... or a 7.

personally I'd like to keep the marks out of 10 system as it gives a broader choice, but failing that...well, I'm not sure, but the tarif as detailed above seems flawed to me.
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Leo, was wondering if you could email me, I want to ask your advice about something, and I can't find your email addie anywhere

Look, YOU, I told you not to read this, it's of absolutely no interest unless you are Leo

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Sep 13, 2003 8:46 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

Can anyone name me a standard XP proggie that utilises the help cursor, I want to test out some cursors I'm building and can't for the life of me find the help thingamy

btw did I mention what a gorgeous group of ppl you all are
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Aug 28, 2003 11:06 AM by Discussion: Skinning

Hi all o/

I'm currently attempting my first WB skin, using SkinStudio (registered), and mostly it's going great, but...

I'm having endless hassles with the drop down menus, I keep tweaking and fiddling but they never seem to come out right.
Specifically: I'm finding that unless I use really teeny fonts some of the items don't fit into the background and some of the items text overlaps with it's keyboard shortcut.
Also, how can I configure the colour (color!) of the arrows for those items with pop outs?
And finally, the image I created for the mouseover state for items won't stretch to the full width of the menu.

Can someone enlighten me as to the error of my ways? Or point me to some web resources other than the standard tutorial at Stardock..

Thx in advance, and until the next time I come begging for guidance o/
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